Woodburning, Multi Fuel Stoves and open fires can and do provide an attractive, warm and purposeful living room focal point, as well as providing a cleaner, greener source of heat for your home. But which type of stove should you choose, how much are you likely to pay for a Woodburning or Multi Fuel stove and are they really as efficient and green as they are claimed to be.

Woodburning stoves are only suitable for burning wood, Multi-Fuel stoves can also burn coal, peat and compost. They are fitted with a grate to collect the extra ash generated when burning coal. 

Chimney liners are a very good idea when you have a property pre 1964, this is because brick chimneys are very porous, this means the tar, condensation and soot can seep into your brick chimney, by lining your chimney it makes it much easier to clean and much safer.

A starting price to supply ie Villager C Woodburning stove, flexible flue liner to line your chimney and installation starts from around £1300.00 and similar for a multi fuel stove. Please contact me for further information.